Maintenance or Repairs

Reporting a maintenance issue or repair request couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in the maintenance request form below with as much information as possible and we’ll be in touch within 24hrs. We’ve made a commitment to landlords that their properties will be continually maintained and problems should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity so they are not exacerbated.

Please note, if maintenance and repair issues are not reported, the landlord could make a claim against your deposit for the cost of repair due to neglect of the property.

We will hold a set of keys to the property in the office, so assuming that you’ll give consent, repairs can be carried out as soon as possible without inconveniencing you.

Maintenance issues can sometimes be resolved by looking through the relevant sections of the Home Sweet Home Property Guide. This will give you information on a variety of topics such as how to deal with lack of pressure in your boiler, where the stopcock is located to allow you to turn off water supply and general use of appliances. You will also find a host of links to appliance manuals and safety instructions.

The following are examples of maintenance issues which are commonly misreported as emergencies:

  • Faulty appliances including washing machine, oven and hob and dishwasher
  • Faulty boiler
  • Water leaks in the property that can be stopped by closing the stopcock.


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