Tenant Emergencies

It is important our tenants understand the emergency procedures put in place for their own and others safety. Tenants can find an up to date safety and emergency procedure within the welcome pack provided at the start of the tenancy.

All repair and maintenance jobs can be easily reported via our online form. Please follow the link below, providing as much information as possible.

If you need to discuss a maintenance or repair issue, we can be reached by phone during office hours.

0131 553 6050 – Home Sweet Home Letting Office

The office is manned between 9am-4pm, outside these times any voicemails are sent to the Property Manager direct via email.


IMPORTANT: Please ensure you follow the guidelines correctly in the event of an emergency.

Thankfully, emergencies are rare. For instance, the following can be classed as an emergency:

  • A fire
  • A flood
  • A water leak which cannot be stopped by closing the stopcock
  • A gas leak of any kind
  • Major damage
  • Problems accessing or securing your property

Anything that cannot be categorised under the above list should be reported to Home Sweet Home via our online maintenance form and we will attend to it at our earliest convenience.
For all emergencies please follow the instructions under the relevant heading:

Fire Emergency

If there is a fire in your property, you must evacuate the property immediately and call the Fire Brigade immediately – dial 999.

Please follow the link below For further reading about fire safety in your home:

Flood & Water Leaks

In the event of a flood or water leak, please close the stopcock as a matter of precaution. Hopefully, this will halt any leak until we can get a professional to visit.

Report the issue via our website as soon as you can to find out who is best to contact under the circumstances.

Water from Neighbouring Flat

If water is leaking in from a neighbour’s property, please try and contact them first. If they are not in please leave them a note. You could also find out if your neighbour’s property is rented by visiting the landlord register:

Gas & Carbon Monoxide Emergencies

If you smell gas or suspect a carbon monoxide leak please call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately – 0800 111 999

Major Damage

Please report any major damage caused to the property as an emergency via our repair reporting system. Major damage is considered that which has resulted in the property being a safety risk, or if left unattended, could result in further material damage:

What to do if you can’t access your home

If you can’t access your home, please follow the guidelines below depending on the circumstances.

Lost or Mislaid Keys

If you can wait for access during our working hours – Monday to Friday,9am-4pm, we can meet you at your property free of charge. Just call 0131 554 6050 in this instance.
If you require someone to give you urgent access outside these working hours, there will be a charge as this will need to be done by a locksmith:

07912 889746- 24hour Locksmith – Call out charge £70-£90

Broken locks

If your lock is broken or keys do not work, you should contact the office directly on 0131 554 6050 Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm or report via our link:

If you require someone to give you urgent access outside these working hours, there will be a charge as this will need to be done by a locksmith:

24hour Locksmith 07912889746 call out charge £90 + any additional keys

IMPORTANT: Landlords are responsible for repairs to locks unless the damage is deemed to be caused by the tenant through negligence or vandalism.

Other Out of Hours Emergencies

EMERGENCIES ONLY: 07867 367869 -Firstcall Trade Services Out-of-Office Hours.

IMPORTANT: Please note out-of-hours call-out charges may be passed on to tenants for jobs not deemed to be an emergency. The minimum out-of-hours call-out charge is £144 plus any additional charges.

We will acknowledge all request forms within 48hrs.