Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide - Regulations for Landlords in Edinburgh

There are a number of Landlord fire alarm requirements that you must carefully follow in Edinburgh. Here we explain some of the main rules for landlords around Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide alarms in rental properties.

Interlinked Smoke and Heat Alarms

Since February 2022, interlinked smoke and heat alarms have been a legal requirement for landlords in Edinburgh and Scotland. This legislation was brought forward after the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017.

The Scottish Building Standards state that all private rented properties must have an interlinked system of smoke alarms installed. It is your responsibility as an Edinburgh landlord to ensure these are installed and working properly.

Wireless interlinked smoke and heat alarms are designed to work together to provide an added layer of protection in the event of a fire. When one alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to the other interconnected alarms, causing them all to sound. This helps to ensure that the entire building is quickly alerted to the potential danger, allowing occupants to evacuate as quickly as possible.

Every rental property in Edinburgh now must have:

  • 1 smoke alarm in the most frequently used room, usually the living room
  • 1 smoke alarm in each hallway and landing
  • 1 heat alarm in the kitchen

Wireless interlinked smoke and heat alarms do not require a physical connection, such as wiring, to connect the alarms within a building. Instead, they use radio frequencies to communicate with each other, allowing for a more flexible and easy installation. When one alarm detects smoke or heat, it sends a signal to the other connected alarms, causing them all to sound an alarm. This ensures that the entire building is alerted in case of a fire, allowing for quicker evacuation and response.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If your property has a carbon-fuelled appliance, such as a boiler, fire, non-electric heater or flue you must also have a carbon monoxide detector in your rental property. CO Detectors do not need to be linked to the fire alarms. And landlords don’t need to install a carbon monoxide detector if all they have is a Gas cooker or hob.

Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm, or smoke detector works by detecting tiny airborne particles of smoke. These are an excellent early warning system because smoke is created from even the smallest fire. Sometimes simply burning some toast will set off a smoke alarm!

Each alarm comply with the following standards –

  • Smoke alarms: BS EN14604:2005
  • Heat alarms: BS 5446-2:2003
  • Carbon monoxide detectors: British Kitemark EN 50291-1

To ensure your tenants’ safety, and to protect your property it is vital that you follow these rules. From experience, we know there is a lot to understand – particularly if you are renting your Edinburgh property for the first time.

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