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About Dan

Dan Thornton is the managing director at Home Sweet Home. His knowledge and experience in the property management industry has been pivotal in directing Home Sweet Home towards making customer service one of the businesses primary focuses.

“A successful business has to make money but Home Sweet Home is not just about profits. For me, a successful business also has to treat its customers and staff the best it possibly can. A good local business will find ways to give back to the local community too.”
Dan ThorntonManaging Director of Home Sweet Home

Prior to Home Sweet Home, Dan racked up 12 years’ experience in senior engineering roles. Using his knowledge in operations, logistics and management, Dan implements processes into every aspect of the letting agency with the aim of optimising efficiency. He believes an efficiently run business ultimately leads to more time to cater to the needs of the customer.

Dan also works closely with his wife Cath. Cath is Managing Director of Edinburgh’s market leading domestic cleaning agency which also trades under the Home Sweet Home name. The cleaning agency plays a part in benefiting both landlords and tenants alike.

89% of deposit disputes involve the cleanliness of properties. With Home Sweet Home Cleaning at our disposal we are in the perfect position to offer tenants and landlords another great service that aids to the smooth running of the letting agency.

Outwith the professional world Dan lives with his wife and two children in Leith. Not one for twiddling his thumbs, you’ll find Dan taking advantage of Scotland’s natural beauty enjoying family trips in their campervan. You may also find him playing his bass guitar in one of Edinburgh’s music venues. He also enjoys keeping fit and enjoying the simple joyous returns of family life.